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Occupational Medicine Services

Occupational Health

As an employer, you want a health care partner to provide quality care at affordable prices. Whether the health care need is a Worker’s Comp injury, Occupational Medicine to return an employee to peak performance, pre-placement exams for new employees or flu shots for your staff, SmartCare Urgent Care Center is here for you. We are located right in your neighborhood and ready to service your company’s health care needs.

  • The highest standard of Illness, Injury & Wellness Care
  • Modern, state-of-the-art facility
  • Stand-alone facility with ample parking
  • On-site X-Ray and Laboratory with same day results
  • No appointment necessary
  • Most insurance accepted, but not required
  • Affordable self pay rates
  • A comfortable, affordable alternative to ER and doctor office visits
  • Licensed, Board Certified Physicians always on staff
  • Geriatric and Pediatric specialists on staff

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There are countless benefits to encouraging your employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and implementing a healthy living program as a company goal has never been easier. Here are some of the ways that you, the employer can expect to benefit from having a Healthy, Happy, and Drug Free Workplace.

Reduce Costs

Major reasons for high healthcare costs are often associated with employee’s poor lifestyle choices and habits. Research has proven that healthy employees require fewer visits to the doctor and are at lower risk for disease and infection. Healthcare utilization and time taken away from work can directly impact a company’s insurance premiums and operating costs. A healthier workforce equates to lower insurance premiums and overall personnel expenses for your company. Did you know; in Georgia, becoming a Certified Drug Free Workplace can save you 7.5% on your workers compensation premiums? There are five easy steps to completing this certification:

  • Implement a Substance Abuse Policy
  • Conduct regular or random drug testing. This can be limited to safety sensitive positions and does not mean you have to screen your entire staff.
  • Implement an employee education program
  • Implement a supervisor training program
  • Create an Employee Assistance Program or offer a list of free community resources http://sbwc.georgia.gov/drug-free-workplace

Increase Your Productivity Healthy employees are often more productive, maintain higher energy levels and are generally happier. You can expect that a healthy workforce will lead to increased productivity, better business and a happier work environment. Optimize Your Recruiting Potential employees appreciate a company that offers good benefits and shares the concept of healthy living and working balance. Openly expressing that you support healthy living and incentivizing your employees to make healthy choices will attract candidates who also share those values. As you see your company insurance costs decrease, your company may be able to offer other benefits to further attract more ideal candidates. Improved Company Morale As employees achieve personal health and fitness goals they will want to share their success. They will naturally become an example and will motivate their coworkers to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals as well. As employees find personal success, they will have higher levels of self-esteem which will in turn improve their quality of work and make them a more valuable, happy employee.

SmartCare Urgent Care is a walk-in medical clinic with several convenient centers in and around the metro-Atlanta area. SmartCare centers are open 7 days a week and no appointment is necessary to see a doctor.